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Cora Stocker

Cora Stocker has worked in the Fish Factory Studio since January 2018. Perceptive and patient, Cora was a student of Art Foundation in Bradford Yorkshire and completed her BA in Falmouth in 2012. The A4 laser print to your right is available in our online shop. Cora has lived in Spain, Portugal, Austria and Ireland, yet describes how Cornwall seems to always compel her return, perhaps due to its inspiring “DIY ethics,” which builds projects and events “from scratch.” Pursuing this ethos, Cora has been a huge help with events and renovations within the Fish Factory.

An avid reader, Cora draws inspiration from books and writers, describing reading as a way to understand and create. Describing her art as a mix of text, drawings, objects and writing, she encourages playfulness with words in her work.  By employing ordinary objects and images and exploring their intrigue, objects may be reinvented. For Cora the Fish Factory itself is “an example of the power of a grass roots community arts space,” allowing a “melting pot of creative endeavours,” resulting in a unique use of space from studio to studio.

Cora enjoys observing all the developments in the Fish Factory. She is pleased her studio will allow time for practice and will apply recent experiences into new projects. For example, Cora recently returned from Palestine to teach skateboarding and is hoping to organise some exhibitions in response to her experience – through skating and art, the Fish Factory is very fortunate to have Cora in its studio.

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