Dangerous Pockets Project

Aug 8th - Sept 2nd 10-5

Workshop on Sunday 11th Aug 10-2

Dangerous Pockets Project- A community art collaboration lead by Paula MacGregor. A travelling art exhibition inspired by a poem.

What do you need to do?
​make a pocket (or several pockets)
you can create a new pocket - or use one cut from a garment, such as a jacket or jeans...your pockets can be anything you want them to be, try thinking about adding words or embellishments
​maybe your pocket will have a story to tell or a point to make - maybe there will be something inside your pocket?

Dangerous Coats


Someone clever once said

Women were not allowed pockets

In case they carried leaflets

To spread sedition

Which means unrest

To you and me

A grandiose word

For common sense

Fairness Kindness Equality

So ladies, start sewing Dangerous coats

Made of pockets & sedition


by Sharon Owens

Fish Factory Art Space

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