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Ellie Robins

We were joined by Ellie Robins who will be spent a month with us while she worked on her novel Island, Under which askes the questions:

'What the hell happened to England and the English? How did such a small nation come to exert such a huge and often terrible impact on world affairs, via colonialism, the industrial revolution, and creating the US, among other things? My speculation: because unbeknownst to us, our little island has been flickering in and out of the underworld for two millennia, leaving the English uniquely fucked up in the heart and the head.

Told through interlocking mythic stories, Island, Under springs through 2,000 years of history, from the Roman invasion that all-but stamped out Britain’s indigenous cultures up to the present-day, autofictional story of an English woman on a pilgrimage to find home. And in between: Eton, Anglo-Saxon warriors, the East India Company, and hell.'

Ellie will be offering some location specific writing workshops while she is here- more details in our next newsletter.

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