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Jess Pemberton

Jess was studio member from September 2018. Jess moved from London to Cornwall six years to study Fine Art at Falmouth University. As an artist who has transitioned from the city to coast, she found the change enriching as it allowed her explore to nature and her surroundings and “soak in the environment.” 

Jess’ expertise lies in portraits by using her art as an outlet for her thoughts and inner conflict. Through art she attempts to capture states of feeling, exploring the “commonality between people.” By investigating states of confusion and split sense of self, Jess translates depths of emotion and how such feelings are experienced by all at some stage in life. Inspired by artists, Hannah Hoch, Hundertwasser and Picasso, Jess employs colour, collage, fragmented shape and profile to explore vibrancy of soul.

Jess finds being surrounded by other studio artists nourishing and her favourite event to date has been Radical Music Week. Versatile and motivated, her upcoming projects include artwork for Oh Mr James, workshops, experiments with Stop Motion Animation and exhibiting with the Collagists Collective. Jess has now left the Fish Factory but is still an active member in our community, check out her immersive art project @virtualcollageclub.

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