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Laura Page

Laura Page is an illustrator who joined us in July 2020.  Since becoming a studio member, Laura has already brought a lot of fresh energy and excitement to the art space, valuing the community of artists who support one another. Laura spent her childhood near London, coming to study at Falmouth University. After graduation, Laura moved to New York for an internship before returning to her favourite place - Cornwall. Laura has a strong connection with Cornwall, visiting its beautiful coasts since she was a child. Determined to return, Laura feels a strong sense of love for the location. “My heart truly flies here,” she explains, “with the sea, the landscape and nature.”

With beautiful enthusiasm, Laura describes how she illustrates with paint, experimenting with gouache and typography to portray different subjects and contexts. With a strong appreciation for travel and culture, Laura aspires to create “joyful, colourful, creations that shed light on a subject in a way that sometimes only illustration can do.” A common visitor to the Fish Factory before she was a member of the studio, Laura adored the live music that would take place, drawing inspiration from its powerful yet intimate atmosphere. Laura’s next focus will be turning her creative practice into business, establishing herself with the industry and then moving forward to continue her painting. Thank you Laura for bringing lots of vibrancy to the studio.

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