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We are saddened to say that Margaret passed away in May 2020. She was a peaceful and gentle spirit in our community and we remember her story here.

Margaret Beardsmore has been a committed member of the Fish Factory’s studio from its beginning in 2011. Originally from Swansea in Wales, Margaret studied at the Swansea Art College as soon as she finished school.  The rise in popularity of boutiques at the time meant that Margaret practiced dress-making and moved to London, where she ran her own business, designing dresses and pattern making. Margaret arrived in Cornwall twenty-five years ago, living in St Austell and moved to Falmouth in 2002. She devoted herself to her garden, growing many different vegetables, appreciating an authentic lifestyle based on nurture and care.

A painter at heart, Margaret completed a foundation course for Fine Art at Falmouth University and graduated with her degree in 2005. Reflecting on her transition alongside the Fish Factory to Penryn, she considers the new space much more viable, as it is smaller and more connected. Margaret prefers to encapsulate people lost in the moment, her artwork draws from life and the personal details which emerge when people become immersed in “doing things” and the beauty of everyday. Margaret's artwork is considered and gentle, encapsulating the vivid and peaceful. 

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