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Melanie Manos


In May 2018, the Fish Factory were delighted to welcome the first international and American resident artist to the studio! Vivacious and energetic, Melanie Manos joined us from the States in May 2018 and was instantly inspired by the sea, shore, sand, rocky cliffs, narrow trails, Rose and Camilla, vegan pasties, walking, placing special emphasis on Cornwall’s “HEDGES.”



A true adventurer interested by absurdity, precariousness and assigned gender roles, Melanie has studied far and wide, achieving her BA in Art History from UCLA, studying across Los Angeles, Detroit, Michigan and eventually gaining her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from the University of Michigan. We asked Melanie what her favourite resources to use when it came to artistic practice: “cameras, computers, my body, structure, built environment, technology (old and new) paper, pen, ladders and chains,” she explains “my exhibition, Power Pose, was great because of the people who attended who were totally game to strike ‘power poses’ for camera and who dared to experience ‘the void.’ Also the Knitting Walk that AIR Brenda Miller conduced with local knitters!” In 2019 Melanie had lots of exciting projects and residencies stretching from Cornwall to Memphis, Tennessee. We were honoured to have her and hope to see Melanie again. 

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