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Molly Taylor

Molly Taylor is a Textile Designer, illustrator and artist - her practice is diverse and innovative, making art with a variety of techniques for “tactile, impractical and interactive textiles.” Molly joined the Fish Factory in October 2019 and has been a part of the bar/café team since January 2020.


Molly spent her childhood on a narrowboat around Birmingham, always dedicating her time to art, sketching everything and spending her lunchtimes in the art classroom. Molly described it as an “unconscious decision” to pursue art which has led to her discovery of new and exciting vistas. Molly attended Stourbridge College of Art and came to Falmouth University to study Textile Design. Molly first visited Cornwall in 2015 and felt an instant connection to the “slow pace” and thriving music and art scene, staying here ever since “with some time exploring India in-between” she adds.

As an earthly adventurer with a love for colourful and dynamic expression, Molly’s distinctive style invites interaction, response and play. As an illustrator Molly utilises ink, gouache and oil pastel taking inspiration from nature, boatyards, scrap metal, activism and her grandmother’s crochet skills. Crochet has become a central aspect of her work, “pushing structure to create impractical vessels and banners with bold messages.” Molly’s work is vibrant and determined, championing the beauty of inclusivity while also celebrating the fun and brightness of life.

As a member of the feminist collective "Collectively FRIGID," Molly is planning new exciting events and exhibitions, as well as co-founding Feminist Falmouth - an inclusive group for feminists for all genders, ages and backgrounds. A word which means a lot to her is “protest” and being surrounded by like-minded artists of all disciplines at the Fish Factory has enriched her practice.

“I enjoy being in the shared space where such a mix of creatives pass through,” she explains “it has given me what I missed from university: a hub of creativity, music and events.” We are so pleased to have Molly in our midst and can’t wait to see what she gets up to here at the Fish. 

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