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Poppy Sproul

Poppy Sproul joined the Fish Factory Arts in March 2021 after deciding to return to Cornwall to live for the foreseeable. Prior to university, Poppy studied Art & Design at Hereford College of Arts. A lot of Poppy’s art explores the connection between human beings and nature, investigating creative ways humans can live in harmony with their environment. This interest led Poppy to pursue Martine & Natural History Photography at Falmouth University. Photography influences Poppy’s creative work “despite picking up a paintbrush more so than a camera nowadays, photography as a medium still plays an important role in the process of producing the artistic outcomes by capturing and conveying a singular and fleeting moment in an instance,” she explains “When in the studio, I combine my passion for painting with the skills from my degree to create outcomes that portray close attention to detail using photographic references.”


Q: Could you describe your practice?


My work can be very varied - I love to paint large scale landscapes using a variety of mediums and reclaimed materials. I believe it is wholly important to be aware of the environmental implications within practices such as photography and art; sustainable ways in which the natural environment can be captured should be fundamental to ensure other parts of nature are not being sacrificed in the process.”


“I also work on commission to produce pet portraits wherein I aim to communicate both the character and spirit and of the animal in a realistic format using the medium of acrylics.


Q: What inspires you? 


I am inspired by life! Art, song, dance, poetry, silence, trees, animals, water, movement, stillness - the list is endless. My spare time is devoted to walking coastlines, exploring woodlands and spending time with and gaining a deeper understanding of the natural world. Time spent within natural spaces invariably slows the pace of the mind, diffuses the drive for instant outcomes and resculptures a perception of the society in which we live in. One is no longer a spectator, but is instead entwined in every movement and motion of nature as part of an intricate and continual system. I feel very lucky to live where I do and be inspired daily. 


Q: How does your time at the Fish Factory influence your work?


The Fish Factory Arts has provided me with a space where I can go and relish in the creative realm. Being surrounded by incredibly talented individuals inspires me daily and pushes me to explore boundaries within my own practice.


What are your upcoming projects? Anything you’re particularly excited for?


Aside from painting pet portraits, I would like to begin experimenting with painting more wildlife and a variety of different species and really pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I'm also interested in exploring different ways in which personal feelings can be expressed onto canvas and creating concepts of my own. 

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