Rose Bagenal

Rose Bagenal, a resident artist, enjoyed her time at the Fish Factory so much she joined our studio in November 2018! Diverse and fervent, Rose is drawing from multiple mediums to explore self-perception and the female body.  Inspired by mythology and folklore, she immerses herself in history, colour and texture to address how regular women of every shape can be perceived as Goddesses.

Rose is a recent graduate of Brighton for Fine Art and Print Making and has experimented with etching, painting, textiles, lithography and crochet. The process of creating art and colour is exciting as it directly encapsulates the transitioning nature of the body and existence.

A particular muse for Rose is the "Venus of Willendorf," a small stone carving from at least 30,000 BCE, motivating her to revive true definitions of beauty from antiquity to the present. By portraying the voluptuous bodies of larger women, Rose celebrates the "unsung heroines," of art, reinventing and innovating classical and modern impressions of identity and form.

Since her graduation Rose has moved to Penryn and describes the change from London to Cornwall as quite an adjustment. However, the shift has allowed Rose some much-needed time to rest and gain perspective of her own work. The Fish Factory and its space has encouraged Rose to practice using casting and clay and this means that the depth of her art knows no bounds. With thanks to Rose, celestial and bodily female identity will continue to flourish in Cornwall.        

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