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Rose Hatcher founded the Fish Factory Arts Space on Falmouth Wharves in 2011. A motivated artist, Rose grew up in Cornwall and enjoys bringing events and exhibitions to fruition. A student of photography at Falmouth University, Rose graduated in 2009 and began curating and staging art projects. When the opportunity for a venue presented itself in the form of a neglected fish factory, Rose transformed the space into a studio and gallery. She explains that the transition from Falmouth to Penryn in 2018 was challenging, but she brought the same vibrant energy, determined to facilitate lots of different artists and their work while remaining sustainable and independent.


Since university, her work has investigated themes concerning female sexuality and feminism. Although organising Fish Factory consumes a lot of her time, Rose had a solo show in 2013 and since then has travelled and exhibited in Iceland, Berlin, London and Poland. Her experiences have led her to explore more deeply the mystical and personal qualities of art which can express “alternate universes” and emotions. Her use of mixed media and collage gives her art a powerful edge and weird strength which questions reality, leading her to title her current project “New Gods for Old Problems.”


Rose likes being surrounded by enthralling people and appreciates the fact that she can reach out to others in the studio to gain different perspectives. Although it was hard to choose, the exhibition EVOKE by Zahra Hoccom and Erika Dyrholm was one of her favourites. Rose emphasises the importance of giving love and support to artists and all people, which is why the Fish Factory is an exceptional part of the community.      

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