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Ruairí Valentine

We are pleased to welcome to the Fish Factory studios artist Ruairí Valentine. Ruairí has previously lived in North London, but arrived in Falmouth/Penryn to study BA Fine Art (Hons) at Falmouth University. 

Throughout their practice, Ruairí endeavours to create work that answers a call from queer communities for representation within the arts. With their work (both written and visual) Ruairí “explores the muddy complexities of navigating visibility and existence as a queer/trans person in a culture that wants to subsume and monetise any marked differences between individuals and the ‘norm.’” Ruairí is currently creating work which investigates queer intimacy, exploring

 “relationships between people, non-human life and inanimate or digital objects that defy conventional and heteronormative categorisations and expectations.”


“I want to create work that invites us to explore a queered understanding of intimacy, connection and relating to other beings, and so resist the isolating individualist-based logic of capitalist western society.”


We are so pleased to have Ruairí in the studio and are excited for their future with us!

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