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Stuart Robinson


Stuart Robinson joined the Fish Factory in 2013. He studied at the University of East London, graduating in 2006 with a degree in Fine Art. After living in London for some years, he arrived in Cornwall in 2008 and is currently teaching Foundation Art & Design at Truro College. Diverse and experienced, Stuart teaches photography, fine art, sculpture and also runs workshops in alternate photography at the Fish Factory and elsewhere.

Stuart uses sculptural installation, often using lighting, signage and landscape to investigate collective experience, creating immersive designs through innovation. By using objects not necessarily always noticed, he employs the “visual intrigue of the everyday". Following this theme he has transformed his studio in the Fish Factory to a workshop. Inspired by set design, popular culture and film, Stuart adopts familiar forms to construct remarkable and distinctive surroundings, which also evoke inexplicable nostalgia.

Stuart was selected for the Southwest Showcase in 2017 and has exhibited nationally and internationally. Locally his work has been exhibited at Inland Art Festival in Redruth, Newlyn Art Gallery and his exhibition, “Get it Here” at the Fish Factory in 2014. He is also a member of Back Lane West Associates and is currently developing his research for a new project that explores travelling, reminiscent of his childhood visiting the coast. Stuart is continually expanding his work and ideas.

Stuart has assisted with various aspects of the Fish Factory, such as developing the darkroom and photo studio. As a multi-discipline practitioner, he is excited by the potential new facilities at the studio, which can contribute to his work and the wider artistic community.

Stuart describes the residency programme, which invites artists from around the world to work in the studios, as incredibly dynamic and exciting. As a result, the Fish Factory is a space which experiences a constant rotation of energy, community and is a site of inspiration and support, which for Stuart, is particularly rewarding.

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