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Yasmine Fosu & Maximillian Richmond

Yasmine Fosu and Max Richmond share a space in our studio, joining the Fish Factory in September 2020. Yasmine lived in Bristol before moving to Cornwall to study Politics and International Relations with French and Spanish at the University of Exeter in Penryn. Max came from Brightlingsea, Essex to study at Exeter’s campus in Cornwall. After graduating, they both decided to stay in Cornwall and develop their artistic practice together.


Max has enjoyed illustration since his schooldays and is intrigued by objects, people and landscapes; he has recently finished an animation of an illustration depicting Dali and is experimenting with digital media. Drawing inspiration from the sea, architecture and shadow, Max is especially inspired by Yasmine and her creative practice. Yasmine takes a relaxed approach to art, enjoying creativity but choosing not to pressure art ahead of time, her aspiration is to enjoy creating and making work with Max.

Yasmine has focused on oil painting in the past but most recently has explored textiles, describing how she is “falling in love with weaving.” Interested by natural fibres and dyes, Yasmine is currently researching the sustainability of textiles to “incorporate textures and materials from my natural surroundings into my weaves.” Max and Yasmine are also planning collaborative projects involving textiles and ceramics; they enrich and inspire one another and hope to sell work together. Their most recent project is working on a children’s book together, with Yasmine writing and Max illustrating. Their aim is to provide a relatable narrative for children who feel excluded by traditional storytelling. We are so pleased to have this amazing pair working with the Fish Factory.

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