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Welcome to our online exhibition to celebrate our 10th Anniversary and the amazing creative work that takes place in our space! Please note that not all of the artworks are to size, the ones that are to size will include size specifications in their description. Artworks that are available for purchase will specify "for sale" in their description. If you wish to know more about an artwork's availability, please click "Request" and one of our staff will email you with more information. We recommend that you press "Start Guided Tour" and the exhibition will begin. This feature will take you through the exhibition in chronological order, after a video plays, the tour will stop, but you can continue to press the "NEXT" button to go through the exhibition in order. You can also move freely around the gallery space by clicking with your cursor to any part of the room, or by clicking on any artwork. 

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by THE WORM - full music video as seen in exhibition

10 years

We are the Fish Factory Arts Space. You can walk past the sparkling blue water of Penryn Quay by turning left at the bottom of the high street and following the length of Commercial Road. There you will find us at our venue in the Sail Loft, opposite Macsalvors. 


Within our walls, we have studios for our resident and working artists, a gallery which is usually bursting with dynamic and local art, a vegan cafe to nourish our community and a small shop filled to the brim with treasures, totes and pieces of art.  


We are a community art space and we host events, exhibitions and workshops which celebrate local art, music and creativity. We pride ourselves on bringing people together locally and from across the world, especially with our residency programme which allows us to connect with international artists. 


We have been the hosts of some of Cornwall’s most experimental and wild music events, especially with festivals such as Radical Music Week. We have also utilised our site for learning and education by offering talks, films, lectures and seminars which centre social and environmental causes. We can facilitate exciting projects by providing our space to those who wish to host exhibitions and events at affordable and flexible rates, allowing us to be spontaneous and retain our grass-root DIY style. 

Before we found our home in our Penryn space, you could find the Fish Factory Arts on the Falmouth Wharves. The Fish Factory Art Space was founded in May 2011 by Rose Hatcher to provide a social and cultural hub for the local artistic community. With little experience, a big idea and a lot of help from friends, an old fishy warehouse was transformed into artist studios and a thriving gallery. It has changed and grown year by year, becoming an integral part of the Cornish art scene and an essential resource to the Falmouth/Penryn area.

We arrived in Penryn in February 2018. This was made possible by the support of the local and wider community, raising £10,000 through a crowdfunding campaign which meant we could continue to provide workspaces, exhibitions and opportunities for our community and local and visiting artists. 

We have worked very hard to build and grow the Fish Factory with no core funding at the beginning but with a lot of good will and creative thinking. We have set up a Community Interest Company, Fish Factory Arts CIC, to formalise our commitment to our artists and audience.


Most recently, we are pleased to announce we received a grant of £35,000 from the Art’s Council Recovery Fund to help us recover and re-open which means this year, 2021, after the difficult year of 2020, we can work towards new, incredible plans and ideas to continue our work! 

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