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OTSAM is a Penryn community based non funded volunteer project headed by Robert Burns as part of Fish Factory Art Space external arts projects. We have a national and international brief to record, video, archive and give public and artist access to traditional folk songs and music, traditional blues, contemporary acoustic folk/blues, and singer/songwriters.

Old Fishermans Shelter, Exchequer Quay, Penryn, Cornwall TR10 8AE

Cornwall Council have given us the use of an small old empty building on Penryn Quay to record, video and create our archive in which has been renovated in collaboration with Sirens Studio.

We will still be making field recordings inside and outside of Cornwall. The old style traditional studio will be made available with our support to local acoustic folk/blues artist/enthusiasts, to create their own recordings free of charge.

Our first in house project ‘Of Song’ is a year long traditional song project for the internet. Our aim is to record and video 366 songs of ‘Social Conscience and the Working Classes’. These recordings will be uploaded to our web site and YouTube one per day from a selected relevant date. This project will invite singers who love the folk music traditional styles to sing a song or songs they know that fit into the category above. We will be working with many professional and semi-professional artists but would wish the main body of recordings to come from the streets and houses of ordinary folk, from the absolute amateur to people who have never considered themselves a singer.


For more information please contact Rob on 07717097157 or email

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