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Welcome to the Sirens Archive! Check out some of the gigs and workshops we have held as part of our Sirens Studio Project.


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On 27th November we had our first SIRENS Studio event with RUBIE, SUKIE and Hockeysmith. A night to remember!

Rubie is a songstress and multi-instrumentalist from south London, whose work navigates a trans politics of slipperiness and inbetweenness. Centering their voice, they sing about amplification, introspection and sisterhood - sailing on a soup, learning to captain. Their debut album Take Both was released in March 2020.

Sukie, 22, uses her experience working minimum-wage summer jobs to write soft pop about the boredom and niceness of everyday life. Her tracks are summery and playful, the lyrics both funny and sad. She is the power-house behind every visual and creative aspect surrounding her work. With help from friends, she acts as her own director for music videos, creates her own art, and plays with augmented reality by making her own face filters. Her dreamy and colourful tracks, enhanced by their captivating visuals, provide perfect anthems for a much needed high-spirited year.
@sukierecords - instagram

Hockeysmith is the solo project of Annie Hockeysmith, a Falmouth based musician who creates dark disorientating dance music, with a touch of bubblegum pop.
Co-founder of the stunning experimental electronic Cornish label ‘eel’, Hockeysmiths dj sets are inspired by her love of rave culture, drum&bass and jungle. Expect high energy, euphoric atmospheres and uncover the underground club gems from the cities she’s lived in: Paris and Copenhagen.


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On 4th of December we ran our first Sirens Studio Workshop ran by Delia Detritus! Delia Detritus is a multidisciplinary artist who works across a variety of disciplines including woodcarving, sound installation, improvisational music and spoken word.
Her musical output focuses on referencing neurodivergence, focusing on its effects on memory and diction using a variety of electronic instruments. 

Delia's workshop gave a brief rundown of her live rig, giving hands on access to her modular gear and a guided session of drone making and performance. She explained how and why she makes certain choices before a performance as well as what informs her decisions on stage.
She explained the very basic process of making a homemade string instrument used extensively in her work that can be bowed, plucked or excited by means of a dc motor. The workshop allowed participants to leave with a fairly informed foundation from which to build their own noise music performance, with Delia demonstrating the relatively simple building blocks from which she builds a set and the more complex electronic trickery she uses to add excitement.
She demonstrated the methods and complex routing which she uses to get a variety of sounds and spaces from a relatively small system that both allow her to achieve a coherent set while leaving room for improvisation.
She also demonstrated creative uses of feedback, distortion and sound degradation as well as how she uses equipment of varying sound fidelity to allow the tone and timbre of her set to evolve as she touches on different subjects with her words.



In this free workshop we covered a wide range of topics including (but not limited to): getting set up on DJ controllers, working with different DJ equipment, using DJ software and how to organise and source tracks.

This was our second workshop delivered by SIRENS Studio. As always our workshops aim to empower musicians and sound makers to gain confidence in their practice or take up a new skill. 

This workshop was especially for 18-25 year olds who identify as a marginalised gender including but not exclusively female, non-binary, trans men and women and two spirit.



A night of pumping and exciting electronic music with a DJ set from reli.ah plus live coding from (irselr). A SIRENS Studio event!

About this event​

reli.ah has been active on the DJ scene for the past 3 years and since then has played at festivals such as Wilderness, We Out Here and MADE Festival. As an active member of Selextorhood reli.ah has had the pleasure of collaborating on talks, workshops and other events and she is passionate about helping others grow as musicans. Describing her sound as eclectic, danceable sad songs with a lot of bass, reli.ah's music collection spans a range of sounds and her aim is always to keep those feet tapping. As a multi-genre DJ, reli.ah focuses on seamlessly guiding tracks from one to the other while still highlighting the beauty of each tune. On a typical night you can hear her spinning bass, house, electro, garage, disco and much more.


(irselr) also opened the night - "Hey! I'm Nina. I make music, and I like to experiment with many different techniques and styles. In the past few months, I have been attracted to live coding and the potential of improvisational sound, so I'm really looking forward to trying it out in a live environment."

Previous Residency: Call Out for Musicians 2022


Previous Sirens Residencies


Su, I Think

In February 2022 we were joined by @suithinkk as part of our first residency! Su also performed at The Fish Factory Art Space towards the end of her residency alongside The Worm and Angeline Morrison.

Photo credit: @it__alia


Check Su's music out below:


Mauis Mollis

In March 2022 we welcomed our second artist @maiusmollis to our Sirens residency! Maius Mollis is a North-East based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer. She performed alongside Pearl Love and HUM Choir at the end of her residency.

Photo credit: @ellenwalkerphotography

Check them out below:

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