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Amy Lawrence was an original volunteer at the Fish Factory when it was based in Falmouth, and following the move to Penryn, became a studio artist in February 2018. Born in Cornwall, near Redruth, Amy studied Performance Costume in Edinburgh and since then has lived in Swansea and London. An explorer of costume and craft, Amy has experimented with materials from leather to metal, clay to wood, puppetry and “anything on the body that’s not a fabric.” She has designed costumes for

film and theatre, engaging with historical props such as armour with focus on the role of performance and how a character comes to be.

Intrigued by history, her work has led her to investigate anthropology and the nature of people and their folklore. Amy addresses the importance of time and the surreal interpretation of historical moments, interrogating how costume and identity are essential in understanding why people choose to express themselves in a

certain way. 

Extending her reach into the realm of sound, Amy also creates her own unique instruments. This led her to organise an experimental music evening in the space. For Amy, the Fish Factory is a place of friendship and it allows her to arrange performances as well as work in her studio. She describes how “everyone has their own world,” and embellishes this process of story-telling within her art

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