Anne Bala

Resident artist, Anne Bala used her time at the Fish Factory to develop her research and most importantly apply her skills to help others on their journey of self-discovery. 




Her project and exhibition, “Searching for Simone,” is a personal one and visually documents Simone, a woman adopted from Romania when she was two and taken to London. Intuitive and compassionate, Anne has collaborated with Simone to help her delve into her origins. Anne has used family archives, directing her artistic process to further her research, exploring the influence of landscape and structure upon the human psyche. In her portrayal of the setting, Anne encapsulates Simone’s nostalgic reconnection with her roots and the sentimental connotations of place.

A former student of Press and Editorial Photography at Falmouth University, Anne has always been intrigued by what is to feel a sense of belonging and place. Anne has lived across Europe, recently settling in Penryn.

She has travelled to many places, experiencing many cultures and describing herself as a visitor who often felt like an outsider. Anne describes how easy it is to feel lost but claims that using her art to help others provides her with a purpose and a sense of place.

Anne utilises her documentary style work to better understand surroundings and the soul and we hope she feels at home here at the Fish Factory.

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