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Bill Brandson spent 44 years as a school teacher, pursuing art as a pastime whenever possible. In 2013, after selling one of his paintings in St Ives, he was encouraged to continue his artistic work full-time.

Bill has featured in multiple exhibitions at Falmouth Art Gallery and the Polytechnic Society, such as “On the Edge” and “Limelight,” in 2014. Bill also ended the 2014 ING Discerning Eye Exhibition in the Mall Gallery, London. Bill will also have an exhibition here at the Fish Factory in July 2018. 

Bill depicts the human body, form and movement. Many of his paintings are now held in private collections in the USA, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, France and UK. A lover of nature, his landscapes of Canada and the Pyrenees mountains are nostalgic, drawing from his childhood at Shoal Bay. A frequent contributor to the arts magazine, Parnassus, Bill describes that his art must be passionate and claims that he must always start in the presence of subject, in order for his art to “stand alone.” 

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