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Jennie Rawling


Jennie Rawling is a writer & puppeteer. Originally from Yorkshire, Jennie has lived in Portsmouth, London and Madrid. After studying International Relations with Spanish and working in communications, Jennie decided to immerse herself in performance and attended East 15 Acting School to train as a professional actor. She rediscovered her childhood enthusiasm for puppetry and refined her skills at the Curious School of Puppetry. As a puppeteer, she has performed around the world and has experience as a multi-operator with table-top, site-specific and large-scale puppetry. 

 Her latest project, a show titled When Seagulls Saved the World, interrogates plastic pollution within coastal communities. Jennie’s clever, interdisciplinary approach to her practice allows her to confront essential issues such as the environment while evoking the puzzling magic and playfulness of her craft.

Jennie’s practice is influenced by the natural world; she runs a nature writing blog called Muddy Scribbles and is currently working on a novel set near a forest, channelling environment into text.

After living in London for a few years and disliking the rushed pace and noise, Jennie came to Cornwall in 2018 and joined us at the Fish Factory a few months ago. Although Jennie still has to travel to and from London for auditions, she values the presence of water and is inspired by her surroundings. Jennie has founded a puppetry company called Nosey Hedgehog Puppetry with focus on community-building and landscape. “There’s still this idea in this country that puppetry is just for children,” she explains “and it couldn’t be further than the truth!”

Instagram: @jennierawling

@noseyhedgehogpuppetry Facebook: @JRawling@noseyhedgehog Twitter: @JennieRawling and @NoseyHedgehog 

image credits: David Lindsay/ Karen Lowe

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