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Nicky Gurret

Joining us from across the North Atlantic, the Fish Factory Residency Programme is pleased to welcome Nicky Gurret all the way from Bermuda. Exuberant and experimental, Nicky has become immersed in the vast Cornish coastline during her week-long stay, exploring the beauty of large art in landscape by using sand as her canvas.

Nicky studied architecture at University in Canada, so has always engaged with the concept of space, size and what measures can be taken to “embellish what is already beautiful.” Nicky first became involved with sand art after organising a sand sculpture competition in Bermuda and realised its potential to unite the community.


Equipped with a rake and the resources of nature, Nicky creates large pieces which are reminiscent of life, ephemeral yet layered with complexity. As an architect interested by the science of art, Nicky’s work is completely dependent on the spontaneous conditions of weather, such as ecology and tide, yet in contrast her process is one of exact precision. This means each huge natural display is unparalleled in its appearance.

Nicky strives to capture the rhythm of her setting to better understand how space can shift and emphasise perspective. Describing the differences between the beaches of Bermuda and Cornwall, Nicky loves vast size of Cornish beaches, her favourite being Gwithian along the North coast. Through dynamic and large pieces, Nicky draws attention to the small and complex details of nature to “compliment the natural art of the space,” and share a sense of place.

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