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Ben Baker: The Online Exhibition

Welcome to our online exhibition space. This project enables artists to showcase their work within our art-space remotely. This month we are pleased to announce Ben Baker: The Online Exhibition. Live from the 19th November to the end of December. 


Ben Baker is a Falmouth based artist inspired by the south-west coast and his career as a boat builder. By using iron wire, Ben transforms his intricate line drawings into a three-dimensional, illustrative style of sculpture. These pieces of wirework are interactive, utilising mechanisms so the viewer can simply turn a handle and the sculpture will begin to move. Ben Baker experiments with playfulness, yet his pieces stay grounded to the coastal communities from which he drew inspiration, often pairing sculpture with found and reclaimed timber.


We recommend that you press "Start Guided Tour" and the exhibition will begin. This feature will take you through the exhibition in chronological order, after a video plays, the tour will stop, but you can continue to press the "NEXT" button to go through the exhibition in order. You can also move freely around the gallery space by clicking with your cursor to any part of the room, or by clicking on any artwork. 

Ben Baker's pieces will be available to purchase through our online exhibition below. If you wish to purchase a piece of artwork please press REQUEST. Please note that the exhibition contains close-up images which are displayed separately from the original piece; these "Close Ups" are titled as such and offer a more detailed view of the artwork. To purchase artwork please refer to the original piece and not a piece titled "Close Up." Thank you.

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