Virtual Gallery Project

During the lockdown, one of our initiatives was to improve digital content for the website and online shop, developing creative methods to stay in touch with our community. 


The Fish Factory has now launched its Virtual Gallery Project - which is an exhibition space embedded within our website. This project enables artists to showcase their work within our art-space remotely. The software was developed by KUNSTMATRIX and is employed by the Fish Factory within our website. We can now collaborate and facilitate projects nationally and internationally, which means that visiting artists, local artists, all members of the Fish community will be able to hold exhibitions within our digital space.

Below you will find the first artist to digitally exhibit his work with us, Shahar Tuchner. Please find more information within the virtual gallery.  Curated by Charlotte Hampshaw / digital creative @fishfactoryarts


Please email with any queries 

The Invisible Enemy / Shahar Tuchner 


Kiss Me Popcorn!, video installation, 2:59 mins, 160 X 90 cm, 63 X 35.5 inch, 2014

The corona pandemic will pass. The lack of knowing whether the life we have lived so far will have to change from now on, and the question of whether human habits will have to adapt to a new era in human history, accompanied by dilemmas including the natural act of man, the kiss, which can be seen in scenes in films that were before the pandemic. During this time, people are in homes and watching series and movies that incorporate everyday activities, that we are currently avoiding doing. Now we have nothing left but to taste the popcorn. This work merges the screen and hatched popcorn seeds, With the kissing act, shown through a compilation of famous kisses from the film history, they are projected on the same screen. - Shahar Tuchner

The Thing, video-art, 1:56 mins, 2014

An unidentified object is put inside an ostrich ranch and disturbs its peacefulness. To the sounds of the opera “'Carmen”, the ostriches follow the object in an amused, curious and frightened dance, attempting to figure out how it should be treated, until they destroy it in play or self defence. The ostriches' treatment of the object may be viewed as an analogy to the attitude of people at the beginning coronavirus. - Shahar Tuchner

Fast Food, video-art, 2:22 mins, 2014

These times we all quickly stock up on food during wartime. In uncertain times like the time of Corona, we do not know if food items will be left on the shelves of the supermarket. Therefore, there is a mass onslaught of consumer products on the food shelves. The video art shows a compilation of consumption of fast food edited to be perfectly in sync with cheerful music that illustrating the ecstasy of food storage that occurred from the beginning of the pandemic until now. - Shahar Tuchner

Floating Worms, outdoor installation, duration of documentation: 3:25 mins, 2020

Toxic floating worms suddenly emerged during Corona. Here they spread and are celebrated in the famous pool at the Tel Aviv cultural complex. The floating worms have spread during the Corona, violated the silence and daily life, taking over the international recreation and cultural complex. This display of the floating worms demonstrates the sight that will characterize the area for a long time due to the slow rehabilitation expected for the cultural institutions after beating Corona. This phenomenon may be projected to many places in the world. - Shahar Tuchner

Folk Dance, video-art, 4:43 mins, 2009

The video shows a group of folk dancers dancing in perfect sync to the sounds of the popular song “I Will Survive”, as an impressive statement of social determination, showing people's desire to continue to live. Dancers holding hands dancing with decisive optimism and declare that "we will survive”.

The Beginning of the End, video-art, 1:27 mins, 2012

As a sign of the vision and hope for ending the Corona crisis, the work shows a group of soldiers occupied, not at war, but in a synchronized dance performance to the sounds of “Baba O'Riley” by “The Who”. The soldiers of the world enlisted to support the global struggle against Corona on the logistic side, but it would not be possible without following in a strict manner, orders and clear instructions given to the citizens. This future spectacle applauds both to the citizens of the world, to and the world armies and to the organizations that joined hands in a combined effort. Only together we will win.

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