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Seb Summers

In August 2018 Seb Summers joined the Fish Factory studio. Colourful and energetic, he has always been interested in creative work from a very early age. A foundation student of Falmouth, he graduated from Cardiff School of Art and Design with a degree in Graphic Communication. Raised in Cornwall from the age of three, Seb has lived in Bahrain, Wales and settled in Vietnam for a year, teaching English and exploring, yet always found himself migrating back to Cornwall – a place which he claims has enhanced his creative ability.

Seb loves the Fish Factory, comparing the space to the best part of school: messy, nitty gritty, full of art accompanied by good music and coffee. He is excited for the December Open Exhibition where he will display his latest project in progress called ‘The Tembo.’(‘A project, which in his words is ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ meets ‘Fargo’ crossed with ‘Tintin.’) With adventure, energy and pandemonium, Seb has endless creativity bouncing in all directions.

Describing himself as a designer, Seb has skill and interest within a multiplicity of mediums. He has worked in branding, advertising and he also illustrates and creates film and video. In his illustrations, he expresses a subtle sense of humour and reveals a “quirky outlook on the mundane.” However, when it comes to filming, Seb addresses important issues in society, raising awareness about drug addiction and domestic abuse. He has also started to experiment with short narrative pieces which delve into alternative ways of story-telling which haven’t yet been explored in film.

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