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Tilly McKerrow has been a studio artist at the Fish Factory since February 2018. She studied illustration at Bristol University and was a freelance illustrator in Bristol. Tilly came to Falmouth in 2011 and teaches at Falmouth University while currently completing her MA in Authorial Illustration. Much of her art is inspired by true stories and she attempts to show the “ordinary is actually extraordinary.” Tilly is currently writing her own graphic illustrated novel called “Tongue” set in remote Scotland about misunderstandings. Her work subtly and naturally explores themes about the environment and the interplay of cause and effect between humans and their surroundings.

Tilly captures the "surreal of everyday," and uses many mediums, including pencils, collage, animation and likes the combination of traditional art with digitised colour. Tilly is influenced by her own experiences of odd and strange moments.  She enjoys the fact that there are lots of changing exhibitions, and how the Fish Factory has a sense of community between all the different and diverse artists.Tilly’s other upcoming projects include an illustrated story about a lonely gannet; a bird who falls in love with a concrete statue of another bird. Tilly explores issues such as mental health, loneliness, but in her own unique style, which animates her art with heart felt humour and intrigue.

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