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Zoe Young

Zoe Young joined us for her residency in January 2018 – currently based in Cornwall, Zoe makes art as Frida Go: artist adventurer “recycling science, family & political experience into an otherworldly response to the state of panic within which we now live.”

Zoe enjoys the Fish Factory and its “can-do” attitude – with a special appreciation for the Extinction Rebellion talks and workshops recently held in the space.

Active in Earth First! Reclaim the Streets, Conscious Cimema, Indymedia and more, she has worked for the UN, the EU and in the UK parliament. Her academic achievements include a BSc in Human Sciences, MSc in Science and Technology Policy at the University of Sussex, Masters in Fine Art at Falmouth Unversity and a summerschool at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico, USA – providing her with a deep connection to ecology, geopolitics and more, as seen in her many films and her book 'A New Green Order?', described as 'a devastating critique of the establishment's first phase of environmental governance.'

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 Referring to her art as attempted soul sculpture, her aim is “seeing through life's surfaces to retell our most impossible tales". Her immersive style makes use of fragments of human experience and ancestral legacy, especially in the context of nature - human, & the wild. Following her residency, as Frida Go she brought her installation “ the ends of the Earth,” to the Fish Factory in December 2018.




This stunning exhibition combined narrative, poetry and performance to tell of her grandmother's response to the death of her first husband – Captain Scott, returning from the South Pole in 1912 - a deeply intimate story drawing together history and the present in the echoes between the lives of two vagabond creative women, broken-hearted 100 years apart.

As an artist who is simultaneously a traveller yet deeply connected to the Earth, the Fish Factory were fortunate to have the self-described artistic “vagabond,” rooted here, even if only for a moment.

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